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EuroNanoForum 2007

Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications
June 19-21, 2007, CCD Düsseldorf, Germany

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EuroNanoForum 2007

Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications
June 19 - 21, 2007, CCD Dsseldorf, Germany

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EuroNanoForum 2007

Nanotechnology is leaving the laboratories and conquering new markets. It helps to improve products and production processes with better characteristics or new functionalities. In the coming years,products based on nanotechnologywill impact nearly all industrial sectors and enter consumer markets in large quantities.

The EuroNanoForum 2007 will be the most important European congress for the transfer of nanotechnology from research into industrial production processes, products and applications. It brings together excellent scientists with leading researchers and managers from industry.

The EuroNanoForum 2007 will be held at the Congress Center Dsseldorf from June 19 to 21, 2007 and will be organised on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and promoted by the European Commission.

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